Interactive coding lessons and activities with the smart train. Real-time targeted feedback and guidance. Independent learning just got exciting!


The web app is compatible with all Chromium-based browsers supporting Web Bluetooth.


story-based coding lessons & activities


innovative tech with real-time feedback


independent self-paced learning


guided experience with text & voiceover

Targeted Feedback

The connected app gives real-time feedback so kids can see when something needs to be fixed. Targeted hints help them when needed. This allows children to fix mistakes by themselves and gain confidence.

Guided Experience

Jamy guides children through coding missions with text, voice and pictures - and is fluent in several languages! These options, created for diverse learners, let everyone learn independently.

Train Independently

Edu Central has the ability to follow kids’ progress and lets kids advance once they complete tasks correctly. This makes sure that everyone learns at their own pace!

Requirements and Compatibility


Edu Central web app requires browsers supporting Web Bluetooth. Such browsers include Chrome, Edge, Opera and select others. Supported operating systems are macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, Linux and Android (iOS is not supported for the web app).

Edu Central mobile app is supported on most mobile devices running iOS v12+ and Android 8+.

All computer and mobile devices must support Bluetooth 4.0 or newer.


Intelino smart train is required for all of the activities and lessons currently included in the Edu Central app. It is sufficient to have a Starter Set or a Classroom Set for the majority of the content.

Select activities may require additional tracks or other intelino accessories, as noted in activity setup details.