Mix, match and expand train play by combining the classic and the new! Intelino has its own smart track system but is also made compatible with the classic wooden cars and most of the wooden track types.

intelino tracks

Thoroughly optimized for the smart train, intelino tracks offer smart features, superior performance and ease-of-use. The "easy-click" joints keep the track level even on soft carpeted surfaces. Intelino tracks have built-in slots for Action Snaps and are dual-sided for versatility in layout designs.

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wooden tracks

We made the smart train compatible with the ever-popular wooden track system. While there are some compatibility limitations on certain special tracks like ramps and Y-splits, it's a great fun to run intelino on the classic track!

mixed play

Want to mix the tracks together? We designed the wooden track adapters just for that! The are many creative play possibilities for children to explore when combining the classic and the smart tracks together.

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