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Get equipped with intelino smart train robots and accessories.


Tell me more about the Classroom Set.

Intelino Classroom Set includes 4 smart trains and all of the baseline accessories to implement the intelino learning system in your classroom. Find more information about the Classroom Set using the links below:
Classroom Set product page
Classroom Set setup

You can also get a single smart train as a Starter Set.


What accessories are available for the smart train?

There are several accessory kits available for the smart train:
Smart Train accessories


Is there a discount for educators?

Yes. The Classroom Set is always sold at an educator’s price. For all other items (accessories + starter set), we offer educator’s discounts - contact us to get more details. Also, we often have other special offers available on our online shop, as advertised.


How can I purchase?

You can order directly on our online shop or via a purchase order. Contact us to get a quotation, send us your tax-exempt form or with any special requests or questions you may have.

If you are based outside of the US, we’ll be happy to introduce you to one of our authorized local resellers.


Links to intelino learnining resources and software apps.


Which intelino software and apps do I need?

Depending on how you want to use the smart train, you may need the following apps or libraries:

Action Snaps: code with colored tiles (also known as action snaps) screen-free or using the interactive lessons and activities in the intelino Edu Central app.

Custom Commands: create custom action snap commands using the Command Editor in the intelino Play app.

Scratch: block-based interactive coding of up to two smart trains using the intelino Scratch web app. Find our Scratch support pages here: intelino Scratch reference guide.

Python: intelino Python library gives access to our full-featured API, enables event-based programming and allows to interactively control one or multiple smart trains. Both synchronous and asynchronous library variants are available. Learn how to install and use the library here: intelino-trainlib-py API Reference Guide. Download examples here: intelino Python example programs.


Where can I find lessons + activities?

You can find many lessons, activities and Scratch program examples for the smart train on our intelino lab website. Also use the intelino Edu Central app to access our interactive lessons and activities.


I need to print an extra action snap command sheet!

Download a printable version of the command sheet here.



Do you offer training?

Please contact us for more info! Also, look out for our webinar series starting soon.


Is there a user guide?

You can find the user guide and extensive support pages in our support portal.


Other questions?

Don't hesitate to ask!