Intelino Play app extends the possibilities for playing and learning with the smart train. The app offers two drive modes, a collection of mixed-reality games and a custom command editor.

Autopilot Drive

In this self-driving mode, the train is controlled by action snap commands. But you can always override what it's doing - like the direction it will take at the next junction, the speed, stopping, lights, sounds, and more.

Manual Drive

With action snaps disabled in Manual mode, you get to take full control of the train. Take over manual steering and speed control, and unleash the train's racing spirit with top speeds of up to 3.3 ft/sec (100 cm/sec).

Mixed-Reality Games

Our games take interactivity to a whole other level by bridging physical and digital play. Welcome to the intelino world where you'll get to run routes to the target stations, deliver cargo and transport passengers in a busy city.

Game Levels

To play our games, you'll get to choose from many track maps to play on. Then, build the physical track and let the app immerse you in the game.

Station Run

In Station Run you'll get to drive the intelino train to the target color stations on the track while avoiding others. Master your driving skills and keep your senses sharp to score 3 stars on each track and improve your best time!

Snap Editor

The Snap Editor lets you easily create custom commands based on the magenta snap. After you configure your command and save it on the train, it will remember it even if you disconnect from the app and restart the train.

Custom Commands

There are 5 categories of configurable custom commands - steering, speed, stopping, lights and sounds. After you create a command, upload it instantly onto the train via Bluetooth.

Route Planning

Want to have a complete navigational control? Easily create custom steering logic with a programmable magenta snap. Input a sequence of up to 10 steering decisions and the train will loop over them whenever it sees a magenta snap on a split track.