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Smart Train Classroom Set

Smart Train Classroom Set

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Smart Train Classroom Set is designed to streamline the use of intelino smart robot trains in a classroom. This 4 unit set includes all of the features and accessories to quickly deploy the smart trains at the start of a learning session. When the session is over, the students can easily pack the trains and tracks back into their boxes with molded plastic trays and store everything away in the included storage bag. A USB wall charger and a 4-port charge cable are included in this set.

Key Features

  • Each 4-unit Classroom Set is recommended for up to 12 students.
  • The set supports learning modes in small unit groups and larger collaborative group projects.
  • Designed to conform to majority of intelino learning resources including printable lessons and activities from intelino lab and interactive digital lessons and activities in the intelino edu central app.

    Included in the Classroom Set

    • 4 smart engines and 4 wagons
    • 4 track kits, each including: 4 splits, 4 straights, 12 curves, 4 short tracks, 1 cross track, 4 dog-bone connectors, 60 color snaps
    • Wall charger with a 4-in-1 charging cable
    • 4 command cards and a decal sheet
    • Durable padded storage bag

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